Our Story

About Eleventh House

We creatively curate vintage clothing, accessories, and home goods for folks to look good, feel good, and do good.

Vintage in the House of Friends & Community

Our name is inspired by the astrological concept of Houses, the sections of the sky in your birth chart that correspond to different facets of your life. The Eleventh House represents your friends and community, and that’s what we’re all about. We are passionate about connecting people and building community through a shared love of vintage and sustainable fashion.

Join us to learn about the past, connect with a community of vintage lovers in the present, and participate in the global sustainable fashion movement of the future.

Look Good

We specialize in sourcing gorgeous vintage garments and accessories from the 1920s — 1990s. We’re always on the lookout for interesting textures, vibrant prints, quality fabrics, and unique details (we love a good button or bow). We pride ourselves on finding pieces that fit into a modern wardrobe, whether they are everyday minimalist basics or one-of-a-kind maximalist show-stoppers.

Feel Good

Eleventh House curates vintage goods for every body. We believe that everyone should feel good in vintage clothing, and we work hard to ensure that we have an inclusive range of sizes in stock. 

We strive to make our studio a safe, welcoming, and accessible space for all folks.

Do Good

We believe that vintage is a valuable piece of the sustainable fashion movement. By choosing to shop vintage, you are choosing to give new life to old garments rather than buying new and creating more waste.

By shopping with Eleventh House, you are also choosing to support a small, independent, woman-owned business and investing in our local economy.

Who We Are

Liz Gardner founded Eleventh House Vintage in 2022, the next chapter of the successful vintage pop-up shop that she and her mother, Rebecca Gardner co-founded in 2015. Liz and Rebecca continue to collaborate on sourcing, mending and repairing all of the vintage goods for Eleventh House. It runs in their blood: Liz’s maternal grandparents were also antique dealers.

Liz is an entrepreneur and consultant who explores the intersections of fashion, history, art, design, and sustainability. She has over a decade of experience as an art museum educator, a background that continues to inform her approach to researching and connecting people with vintage and material culture. She currently lives in Witch City (Salem, MA) with her husband Alex and their two cats, Sadie and Milo.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, Liz has a stellium in Cancer in the Eleventh House (Sun, Mercury, and Venus).

Photo credits: Lauren Hall (left); Carlie Febo (right)