Holiday Gift Guide

How to shop sustainably and stress-free

Holiday shopping can be stressful. And doing it sustainably can be even harder. We totally get it—it can be really tempting to just go to the mall or a big box website and get it done quickly and cheaply. And hey, we're definitely not here to shame you. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!  BUT—with a little planning and a little patience, holiday shopping can be a lot more fun and you can feel good about gifting in a way that limits waste and supports your local small businesses!

Here are some of our tips to look good, feel good, and do good when holiday shopping this season.

Tip 1

Straight up, just don't give gifts.

I know, unpopular opinion from someone who owns a retail business. But seriously, how often do you find yourself giving all sorts of gifts that don't mean much just because you're "supposed to?" If you're thinking "ugh, all the time," then maybe it's time to have a chat with your friends and family about ways to limit your holiday gift consumption. Maybe you could just get together instead? Make a meal, go for a nature walk, volunteer—those memories will be a lot more meaningful and you might be surprised by how relieved everyone is that they don't have to panic shop at the last minute, either.

Tip 2

Don't give “stuff.”

We create a whole lot of waste during the holidays. One way to reduce that waste is to stop giving physical gifts. Could you give your friend a donation to their favorite charity in their name? Make them a playlist or digital art? Gift them a membership to their favorite museum or buy them a gift card to their favorite (small, local) restaurant? No wrapping paper in the trash and no need to find space in their home for that thing they didn't need.

Tip 3

Shop secondhand.

Obviously, this is where we come in! Create less waste by buying vintage AND support a small local business! It's a win-win! Check out our holiday gift collection below for some great ideas at different price points, or visit us at one of our upcoming events to shop even more gifts in person. Don't forget about our gift card option so that your recipient can find the perfect vintage fashion miracle!

Don't forget about thrift stores, either. You'd be surprised by how many brand-new quality items find their way to a secondhand shop!

Tip 4

Make it yourself.

Who doesn't love an old-school craft night? Quick and easy ideas: homemade body scrubs, baking mixes, photo albums, etc. We love this for gift wrapping, too! Get creative with recyclable kraft paper and block stamps, or reuse bows, bags, and boxes.

Tip 5

Buy new from local artists and small businesses.

Sometimes, only new will do. If that's the case, then check out your local small (preferably woman, POC, and queer-owned) businesses and artists before resorting to big box stores.  There's an amazing variety of brick and mortar shops on the North Shore in addition to a whole bunch of indie holiday markets. You'll be helping to create a vibrant community and supporting your local economy! We love to see it!